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Wiki dump[edit]

Check /dumps. Current backup is on every day, Full backup is 2 times in every months.

This dump does not contain user accounts, images, edit logs, etc..

See also 'Manual:Importing XML dumps' on


For Tracking purposes. Also I'm poor - MPThLee (talk)

Server Information[edit]

ScaleWay, Amsterdam, Netherlands, €3.99/month VAT exclude (START1-S). It's VPS and only runs this wiki.

Spec: 2vCore, 2GB Memory, 50GB of storage (Already uses 1/4 now.)

When server overloaded, I will upgrade to 4vCore, 4GB Memory, 100GB of storage plan. (which is €7.99)

Also other any related services are on Github Pages, repos are on Dead organization

Domain Information[edit]

Isanco, US$34.30/Year (Domain US$27.95? + Whois Protection US$6.35?) Expired on March 5, 2020.


Mailgun, 10K/month of emails are free to use.

Front End of Site[edit]

Cloudflare free plans, It's ok when site is not popular much as


Check ShinyWiki:To-Do