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Wiki dump[edit]

Check /dumps. Current backup is on every day, Full backup is 2 times in every months.

This dump does not contain user accounts, images, edit logs, etc..

See also 'Manual:Importing XML dumps' on


For Tracking purposes. Also I'm poor - MPThLee (talk)

Server Information[edit]

ScaleWay, Amsterdam, Netherlands, €3.99/month VAT exclude (START1-S). It's VPS and only runs this wiki.

Spec: 2vCore, 2GB Memory, 50GB of storage (Already uses 1/4 now.)

When server overloaded, I will upgrade to 4vCore, 4GB Memory, 100GB of storage plan. (which is €7.99)

Also other any related services are on Github Pages, repos are on Dead organization

Domain Information[edit]

Isanco, US$34.30/Year (Domain US$27.95? + Whois Protection US$6.35?) Expired on March 5, 2020.


Amazon Simple Email Service, 1K emails per 0.10$. Currently limits sets 50000 emails per day.

Front End of Site[edit]

Cloudflare free plans, It's ok when site is not popular much as


We're currently blocking IP range that hosts server(e.g. IDC) or Shared-IP(e.g. Hotel IP).

Additionally We're using some of other services to block spammers.

DNS Blocking[edit]

Check wikipedia:DNSBL to more infomation. We're use this lists to blocking spammers.


Bad Behaviour[edit]

Bad Behaviour is The Web's premier link spam killer. We're using this software to block bad behaviour spams.

Note that it is enabled with strict mode. Using old software causes false-banning

Disabled due to compatibility issue with recent mediawiki version.


Check ShinyWiki:To-Do