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There are regular events that occur every month in ShinyColors. Some events focus on the produce portion of the game, while others focus on the Fes portion of the game.

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Scenario Events[edit]

In Scenario Events, players need to clear event missions to earn event points. These event points can then be traded for rewards such as event story commus, support SSRs/SRs, Hazuki Seals, training tickets, feather jewels, and more.

To clear event missions, players must produce an idol, or a specific idol, or an idol with a specific support unit setup, depending on the missions they wish to clear.

Produce Events[edit]

Produce Events are similar to THE [email protected] Million Live: Theater Days' Million Live Collection events. Event points are awarded after a produce run is finished, with the amount being dependent on how well the player performed. Meeting specific criteria, such as reaching A or S rank, achieving a true end, or clearing W.I.N.G. prelims/finals, will net players high amounts of event points.

These event points can then be used to pull from the event gacha box. Each box has its own event point cost for a single roll/ten roll and this cost increases every time the player switch boxes. Each box also has its own rewards such as produce SRs, Hazuki Seals, produce items, feather jewels, and more.

Fes Events[edit]

Fes Events involve playing through the Fes portion of the game to clear missions. These missions award event points which can be traded for items in the Event Shop. Purchasable items include produce SRs, Hazuki Seals, training tickets, feather jewels, and more.

Note that most Fes Event missions can only be cleared through the Fes Rehearsal portion of Fes.

Ranking Events[edit]

First held on February 8th 2019, Ranking Events involve gaining fans for a specific idol to compete with other players for rewards. All fans gained during the event period either through work or through Produce Mode will count towards your ranking.

Each idol has separate rankings and a player can get rank rewards for multiple idols. The primary reward is an idol-specific title with a border depending on rank.

Training Events[edit]

First held on May 10 2019, Training Events run similar to Scenario Events; you produce idols to complete missions. However, unlike scenario events, completing missions will grant you either training tickets or event support SRs directly. This event can be especially helpful to newcomers who may need the training tickets to level up their support idols to catch up with the more experienced players.