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A code given out at the end of the weekly Habataki Radio Station broadcast. Can be entered at the enza website for rewards.
Absolute Control
A Fes mission「完全掌握」- Achieve Top Appeal on all judges. Adds 4000 points to Fes score.
Appeal Bonus
A star bonus for filling 30% of a judge's gauge. Also appears at 60% and 90%. Usually awards 4, 3 or 2 stars for 1st/2nd/3rd trend respectively.


A Live Skill that becomes more powerful when used at lower Mental, mainly seen with L'Antica cards. This is the translation of the Japanese term, named after its use in other games (such as the Japanese version of Granblue Fantasy). Other terms used include Enmity.


Fes Entry
A resource used to play Fes mode. Fes entries restore over time at a rate of 1 Fes entry per 30 minutes and can be restored instantly through use of a Fes Entry Ticket item. Multiple Fes entries can be consumed at once for a money multiplier.
Fes Idol Mark
Clicking on the Grade (e.g. B) on your Fes Idol card detail screen will allow you to mark it (Position/Skill) for easier categorization when setting up your Unit.


Gacchiri appeal
A simultaneous Top Appeal and Last Appeal. Gives a bonus.


Idol Event
A commu associated with a Produce card that appears during a Produce session. Gives stat rewards, which can vary depending on dialogue choices.


Last Appeal
Being the last to hit a judge (filling their gauge). Usually awards 8, 6 or 4 stars for 1st/2nd/3rd trend respectively.
Short for Last Appeal.
Legendary Moment
A Fes mission「伝説の一瞬」- In one turn, achieve Last Appeal on all judges simultaneously. Adds 3000 points to Fes score.
Link Appeal
A bonus effect of a Live Skill that only activates if all other members of the idol's unit have appealed within the last 5 turns. This can be a buff or an extra appeal. If activated in a Fes the player will also receive a point bonus.


Mamimi Cannon
A fan term used to refer to [Gothic Decoration] Mamimi Tanaka's 4-star Live Skill, due to its secondary effect of having a small probability of completely filling the judge's gauge. Both of [Yuutsukata Mamimi Tic] Mamimi Tanaka's Live Skills have the secondary effect, one with lower probability than the other. The same effect has since appeared in [Jou Jou Kinga] Kiriko Yukoku making the term inaccurate.
Effect no longer works in Fes Grade ≥ Lv 5.
A debuff effect given to rival idols that decreases their mental over a number of turns. [Tricky Night] Mamimi Tanaka and [Koufuku no Rhythm] Sakuya Shirase are currently the only ones with this effect in their Live Skills.
A stat that effectively serves as health. A production idol's mental stat can be significantly increased through radio work during production.
A Western fan term for what is officially known as お手製差し入れ (handmade refreshments).


Another name for the Secret Notepad item. Using this item will reveal the results of every dialog choice for the entire production play-through.


Paid Feather Jewels
Feather Jewels purchased with real money. Most special gacha offers and items in the Premium Shop require these. They can also be used to unlock two additional slots for the work feature. Paid Jewels will not be visible or usable on a different platform than which they were purchased.
Perfect Live
A Fes mission「パーフェクトライブ」- Achieve Top Appeal and Last Appeal on all judges. Adds 6000 points to Fes score.


A resource mainly used to play produce mode. Stamina restores over time at a rate of 1 stamina per 5 minutes and can be restored instantly through use of a stamina restoring item. To start production 30 stamina must be spent. 10 Stamina can also be converted into a Handmade Refreshment for use in work.


Short for Top Appeal.
A higher tension level will cause you to start an audition or performance with more of the memory gauge filled. It is represented by a colorful face, and the happier the face looks, the higher the tension level is. During production tension will increase when making correct choices during a commu, keeping promises, and using certain items. Similarly, tension will decrease when making poor choices during a commu, turning down or failing to keep promises, and failing a lesson or job. For fes, a tension level will be randomly assigned to each participant.
A title you can set on the Fes screen. Titles can be obtained through achieving certain special missions during Fes with your idol as the centre or through completing events.
Top Appeal
Being the one with the most appeal to a judge (at the time when their gauge is filled). Usually awards 20, 15 or 10 stars for 1st/2nd/3rd trend respectively.