Mei Izumi

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Mei Izumi
Shiny Colors character data
Name: 和泉愛依 (Izumi Mei)
Voice actor: 北原沙弥香 (Kitahara Sayaka)
Age: 18
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Birthday: August 2nd
Blood type: O
Three sizes: 90-58-88
Hobbies: Playing with friends, listening to recent music
Skill: Talking on the phone for hours
Likes: ?
Handedness: Right
Horoscope: Leo
Hometown: Saitama
Image Color:     

Mei Izumi is one of the 19 idols that can be produced in The [email protected]: Shiny Colors. She is voiced by Sayaka Kitahara.

Profile and Character Description[edit]

An upbeat girl with an optimistic and broad attitude. While she has a hard time understanding more complex things, she's still easy to talk to. She is in her 3rd year of High School.

List of Commus[edit]

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Common Idol Events[edit]

Event Name Choice Vocal Dance Visual Mental SP
向いている?それとも 初めは誰だって緊張するよ +20 +5 +10
大丈夫か? +20
もしかして、こういうのは苦手か +20
そういえば、そうだった 別に手を抜いていたわけじゃないだろう +20 +5 +10
気にするな +20
俺の責任だ +20
ぶつかってみるしか もちろん無理にとは言わない +20 +10 +10
とりあえず、ぶつかってみよう +20
少しずつでいい +20
乗り越える みんな驚いてた +20 +10 +10
しっかりとできていた +20
今、いい表情してるぞ +20


Group Songs[edit]

Recorded Group Songs[edit]


Card Gallery and Info[edit]

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