THE [email protected] SHINY COLORS [email protected] WING 05 Alstroemeria

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THE [email protected] SHINY COLORS [email protected] WING 05 Alstroemeria
Album details
Name: THE [email protected] SHINY COLORS [email protected] WING 05 アルストロメリア
Tracks: 4
Release: October 3rd, 2018
Artist: Amana Osaki (CV: Honoka Kuroki)
Tenka Osaki (CV: Ryouko Maekawa)
Chiyuki Kuwayama (CV: Noriko Shibasaki)
Item Number: LACM-14785
Editor: Lantis Co., Ltd
Part of: [email protected] WING CD series

THE [email protected] SHINY COLORS [email protected] WING 05 Alstroemeria is the fifth CD in the [email protected] WING CD series released on October 3rd, 2018 at the price of ¥1,944 by Lantis Co., Ltd. It features two songs, a unit version of Spread the Wings!!, and a drama track.

Track List[edit]

01. アルストロメリア(歌:アルストロメリア
02. ハピリリ(歌:アルストロメリア
03. Spread the Wings!! (アルストロメリア Ver.)(歌:アルストロメリア
04. スペシャルオーディオドラマ「かぜっぴきパニック!」(出演:大崎甘奈大崎甜花桑山千雪

Romanized Track List[edit]

01. Alstroemeria (sang by: Alstroemeria)
02. Happy Lily (sang by: Alstroemeria)
03. Spread the Wings!! (Alstroemeria Ver.)
04. Special Audio Drama "Catching a Cold Panic!" (performers: Amana, Tenka, and Chiyuki)