Asahi Serizawa

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Asahi Serizawa
Shiny Colors character data
Name: 芹沢あさひ (Serizawa Asahi)
Voice actor: 田中有紀 (Tanaka Yuki)
Age: 14
Height: 153 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Birthday: January 4th
Blood type: AB
Three sizes: 78-58-77
Hobbies: Observing people, talking to people
Skill: Good memory
Likes: Intriguing things
Handedness: Ambidexterous
Horoscope: Capricorn
Hometown: Tokyo
Image Color:     

Asahi Serizawa is one of the idols that can be produced in THE [email protected]: Shiny Colors. She is voiced by Yuki Tanaka. She is the center of the unit Straylight.

Character Description[edit]

"Being an Idol is so deep! Ahaha, it's really fun!"

Constantly searching for intriguing things, she is a strong, inquisitively spirited girl who never stands still. However, she can be straightforward when interested in something but can be easily bored sometimes. She is in her 2nd year in middle school.

List of Commus[edit]

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Group Songs[edit]

Wandering Dream Chaser
Transcending The World

Recorded Group Songs[edit]

Ambitious Eve
Itsuka Shiny Days


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